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10 Oct - 08:03:59

The NAIHL website has moved to a new home, and as often happens with any move, there are adjustments.

First off, there is a problem with logins. If you try to log in at the main screen, it takes you to a page that says 'The connection was reset', and you are not logged in. We are working to resolve this, but in the meantime at least there is a workaround.

To get logged in, click on the Members tab at the top of the screen. The page will say 'Error. You do not have access to view this page'. Then fill in your credentials at the top of the page and you should be able to log in. Once logged in, click on the Home tab and it will take you to the main page.

The tools such as Trade Submissions, Contract Calculators, etc. are not working yet. We are also working to get those running. In the meantime, it is suggested that parties wishing to make trades official do it through the Forums. Kings GM Eric Beauchamp has access to maintain the Forums, so he can decide where these postings can be placed.

We will update this space as we work to resolve these issues.

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