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The Playoffs...


These words only begin to describe the 16 Games it takes to Bring home Lord Stanley's Hallowed Mug.

The Quest for The Cup is Different this year, two teams have made it, two teams want it, one team has made it...Personal.

Rivalries are made over time, and last decades...but this Rivalry is less than a year old, one that was signed off and a statement made last June.
The Devils beat the Sharks and even though neither side will say or commit to saying they both wanted a re-match, well the Sharks anyway.

But make no mistake about it: Both Teams were on the path in each division, one longer than the other but they are both back and this series is setting up to be Epic.

The Sharks want retribution, and to settle unfinished business.

That Business will be settled…There are two that are left Standing and have battled to get to the Promised Land, The Dance, This is it…you know all the clichés….The regular-season mentality is gone, nothing but Beards, Sweat and Tears, and maybe a little Blood. The Blood in the Water is what the Sharks Smell.

Players and coaches for both the New Jersey Devils and San Jose Sharks both have different ideas but there seems to be a couple of overriding Themes:

Analysts and Experts have "2013 Stanley Cup Finals NAIHL: The Rematch"

Devils have “Win it for the Kipper.”

Sharks have Operation Redemption.

It's to earn the Boast from the Coast...will it be the Beast From the East or the Best from the West?

The Test will be the equally Playoff Hardened San Jose Sharks who under General Manager Rob Paul’s Watch have now made it to their 3rd Cup Final losing both previous trips. The Most Recent being last season to a Very, Very Good Devils Team.

"Let's not kid ourselves here; these are two teams that don't like each other, so what do you expect?" Flames GM Ken Mah stated. “We beat them in a War Last Year…I expect them to come out Guns Blazing and we have to be ready to Weather the Storm”

GM Rob Paul spoke to the Media on a day when no players were made available to the media after a red eye flight from San Jose to New Jersey.
"The build-up from last year’s Final has been there all season, we’ve been hungry and as the Playoffs started taking shape the opportunity was there, but I'll reiterate the same thing I said this week: It’s a new series, new year and we did not look past our other opponents, and that's how we  approached it. What happened last year in the playoffs has carried over, but As much as the players wanted it, we took each and every game the same, play our game and let it play out as it may."

Last Year it was an amazing and entertaining contest between two highly talented teams. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that both the Devils and Sharks are better than they were last spring.

Early Conn Smythe hopefuls seem to be The Devils Veteran Daniel Sedin (who leads the scoring race with 24 points) and To Combat the potent Offense the Kings have gotten all World ‘Tending from Jon Quick who through 16 Games has an amazing .931 Save Percentage and a 1.58 GAA to go along with a 12-2 Record.

The Devils 21 Games…to the Sharks 16.  Battled Tested or Battle Rested, Forever the Bridesmaid? OR Back To Back Champs?

Stay Tuned as what promises to be an Epic Stanley Cup Final is Finally Upon us.

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