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bullet Canadiens on 26 Feb - 05:24:25
I still miss this!
bullet Canadiens on 31 Jan - 23:52:43
Go habs go
bullet Penguins on 30 Jul - 11:22:32
We are still in The lockout.
bullet Canadiens on 28 Jul - 13:00:51
Lets get this thing going again.
bullet Canadiens on 16 Feb - 22:23:10
Bueller. .. Bueller. .. Bueller
bullet Canadiens on 14 Jan - 16:09:40
Any updates on the new website?
bullet Canadiens on 30 Nov - 05:15:25
I will still be here when the league is up and running again.
bullet Rangers on 25 Nov - 19:00:34
Yes we are still trying to fix the bugs sorry guys, I know it is frustrating especially that i have put over $300 into this........grrrrr
bullet Canadiens on 18 Nov - 19:49:15
Anyone out there?
bullet Kings on 11 Oct - 19:42:44
Complete results of the draft available under the forum page.
bullet Oilers on 30 Sep - 05:04:51
Go ahead & pick best available player for Oilers, sent message out also, thanks
bullet Leafs on 27 Sep - 17:46:34
Leafs will trade picks in rounds 3-7 as a packadge in exchange for a No. 1 goalie or 1st line Dman w/ decent $$$$

bullet Leafs on 27 Sep - 17:45:10
Leafs will trade picks in rounds 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 as a package in exchange for a No. 1 goalie or first line Dman with reasonable salary
bullet Ducks on 26 Sep - 13:59:14
Also willing to trade the last few picks we have. Looking for some young forwards or D man. Also looking to lower my cap a bit
bullet Ducks on 26 Sep - 13:58:18
The Ducks will be away for the nexy week. Sept 28 to oct 6. Can still get e-mails but can not do anything with client and files
bullet Kings on 24 Sep - 13:04:02
Thanks Ducks - will do.
bullet Ducks on 24 Sep - 12:10:53
The Ducks will get let the league pick for there team. The next best player we will take
bullet Kings on 24 Sep - 05:32:02
Draft order for rounds 4-7 posted - let me know if there are any errors.
bullet Ducks on 23 Sep - 15:28:02
Ok thats fine. Im in the wrong. Never knew asking a question would turn everyone against me. Ill just sit back and wait for my turns. Sorry for trying to understand things.
bullet Penguins on 23 Sep - 05:38:40
I appreciate the good work you guys are doing.. keep it up The league is going in the right direction..
bullet Rangers on 22 Sep - 18:28:55
At this time we do not need negative feedback and poor behavior.
bullet Rangers on 22 Sep - 18:28:14
If this league was poor why are you here. I have just dished out $300.00 to keep this league alive and once all is transferred we will be running a 100% like in the past with a list of people wanting to be in this league.

At this time we do not negative feedback and poor behavior.
bullet Oilers on 22 Sep - 15:00:57
This is a great league, of all leagues it's my favorite. It's gone through transition lately & we've all been very patient & understanding. And trust me, if I have time to go through & look at a draft list online like we have done every year, then anyone has time to research it.
bullet Ducks on 22 Sep - 09:54:26
What are you talking about. All the commish has to do is get the program file like every other league does and upload it. Not sure if you know that or not. Ya im asking for gold here let me tell you. Wonder why this league is hurting for gms?
bullet Rangers on 21 Sep - 17:01:12
Well said sens
bullet Senators on 21 Sep - 09:57:45
You don't have the time to look at the draft lists, so you want someone else to do the work for you? The league is in a state of change right know with several guys trying to keep it going. There is a lot to do, and adding a list of players that we can figure out ourselves shouldn't be on that list. If you don't have time, just use this years NHL draft list, you probably won't find much from the previous years anyways.
bullet Ducks on 21 Sep - 08:23:42
Im sorry if i am being an ass. I just dont want to get screwed again thats all
bullet Ducks on 21 Sep - 08:23:07
Im trying to be patient but just need to know how things are run. I came into the league last year right after you started the season. So I missed EVRYTHING. As for the draft I always thought the commish inputted the players so everyone can see who they can draft. I would love to say I have the time to look over the last 3 draft years and see who has not been taken yet in this league. But I dont have that kind of time right now..
bullet Senators on 20 Sep - 19:05:10
@Ducks - We have never had a draft list to look at since I have been in the league. Basically you can use the NHL draft list for the current year, and if you want to go back further and do some research, you can choose from previous years.
bullet Rangers on 20 Sep - 15:43:19
The caps do the rerating and he actually almost all STHS leagues use his ratings.

Everything will be done soon.

We are moving the site so please be patient
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