2013 NAIHL Entry Draft

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The 2013 NAIHL Entry Draft has been set for Wednesday August 21st, 2013. The Tampa Bay Lightning have the first overall selection and can make their pick anytime on Wednesday August 21st, 2013 – the Winnipeg Jets will have 24 hours to make the selection at number 2.   Selections can be made through the NAIHL Forum on the NAIHL website.
As usual (and as per the League Structure):  
Each team gets to pick from any NHL club. Eligible players will be limited to those players who have been drafted in the NHL; including players taken during that summer’s June NHL draft, but are not in the NAIHL on a roster or prospect list.

Any player who has already played in the NHL and is not on an NAIHL roster or prospect list can not be selected in the entry draft. These players will be available at a later date in a dispersal draft.

Any players drafted become permanent property of the team drafting them, and are placed on their Prospects list. While the Entry Draft is under way, picks for the draft being conducted may be traded. The first 3 rounds of the draft are conducted through the NAIHL Forum on the NAIHL website. Each team has 24 hours to make a selection when it is their turn to select. Teams not making a selection within the 24 hour period will be awarded a player from the corresponding selection of the following round in the NHL draft. Rounds 4-7 will be conducted using e-mail, details will be available once the first 3 rounds are complete.
The top 5 picks, as established at Random dot org are as follows:  
1 – Lightning
2 – Jets
3 – Avalanche
4 – Blackhawks
5 – Ducks
Results from Random dot org:
There were 15 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
1.    Lightning
2.     Lightning
3.     Lightning
4.    Jets
5.     Lightning
6.     Jets
7.    Avalanche
8.    Blakhawks
9.    Ducks
10.  Jets
11.  Avalanche
12.  Avalanche
13.  Jets
14.  Lightning
15.  Blackhawks
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